Ekologiczne Rozwiązania

Execution of orders


Inquiries and orders:

Michał Jabłoński – Product Manager

tel: + 48 500 398 184

e-mail: m.jablonski@pgie.pl

e-mail: m.jablonski@x-disc.pl




The order process:

  • submit a request to the e-mail: m.jablonski@pgie.pl
  • in response we will send information about product availability and delivery time.
  • then we wait for confirmation of the order.
  • after confirmation of contract we issue proforma invoice.

The term of delivery:

Due to the current interest in our products and capacities possessed the order is carried out to a maximum of 30 working days, including:

– About 27 working days of the contract manufacturing process,

– About 3 days international shipping in Europe

Cost of delivery:

Delivery of products is carried out throughout Europe international courier. The delivery cost is determined individually by the courier company depending on your location. Delivery costs shall be borne by the Buyer.

Forms of payment:

Payments should be made to the designated bank account number, which is passed in the proforma invoice. When the payment to our account, we will begin implementation of the contract.