Ekologiczne Rozwiązania

Our mission


logoOur mission is to spread in Poland, solar energy as a cost-effective, fully environment friendly energy source that will never run dry. Through the investments made​​, educational activities and involvement in research projects are going to change the way of thinking about solar energy, not only as an element of the environment but as a very profitable investment in the future.


Thanks to ongoing activities Polish Ecological Investment Group Sp. with o.o. wants to be a Polish leader in solar energy, having a majority stake in the investment market distributed.

  • We support businesses and individuals in the field of photovoltaic investment by providing direct contact with Polish manufacturers, experienced assembly teams and comprehensive investment services on a “turnkey” with all legal formalities, financial and insurance;
  • We cooperate with Polish developers to invest in passive construction, allowing the use of modern technology, access to our experience and the experience of our customers and improving the financing of investments for clients;
  • We finance the contribution of its own customers in selected investments in photovoltaic installations;
  • We prepare comprehensive investments in special purpose entities – solar power in a distributed system;


The company belongs to a group of affiliated companies within the Lion-Group (Lion Investment Group Sp. z o.o., Lionbiznes.net Sp. z o.o.)