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Insolation in Poland


The sun is the main source of energy that reaches the Earth. Within 30 minutes the Earth emits as much energy as humanity consumes in the whole year!

With a wealth of sunshine you can use through photovoltaic installations. Obtained in this way the current is not only cost effective but also very effective solution, because PV systems operate in both sunny and cloudy days.

Weather in Poland favors rapidly growing market of photovoltaic energy, our sun exposure is similar to that in Germany, where photovoltaics are already installed more than 33 GW. Most sunny days occurs in the spring and summer months (April – wrzenień), at the time gets us 80% of the annual radiation. Average power 1m2 of solar radiation on the surface is about 1000W/m2. In Poland, sunshine per year (depending on region) is from 1390 to 1900 hours. Mazovia ranges from 1,550 to 1,700 hours. It is an annual average value of 1,600 sunshine hours, which is 30% – 40% of the length of the day.


Sunshine Duration


Sunshine duration area has a direct impact on the amount of incoming solar radiation to the earth. The amount of energy that reaches the Earth, known as the solar constant, 1366 W/m2. Approximately one-third of the radiation is absorbed or reflected by the atmosphere and clouds. This means that the Polish (and the countries bordering on a similar latitude) reaches about 1000 kWh/m2. These values ​​are comparable to those in Germany, the world leader in photovoltaic power installed.

nasłonecznienie w europie


Compared to other countries, in Poland insolation differences are small. The highest insolation of around 1,050 kWh/m2/y a southern part of the province of Lublin. In central Poland sunshine ranges from 1022 – 1048 kWh/m2/y. In the rest of the country it is slightly less than 1000 kWh/m2 per year.


The map below shows the values ​​of insolation for the Polish territory.